Saturday, 8 November 2008

Check out the blogroll thumbnails

Blogger now has a function which really enhances the blogroll (list of blogs) for all blogs using the Blogger software. It now allows us to see:
  • the blog title
  • a thumbnail of the image in the most recent post
  • the title of the most recent post
  • and a note of how long ago the blog was updated
It's set up so that the most recent post is always at the top.

If you're visiting the UKCPS blog why not check out the blogroll? It's now a lot easier to see whether there is anything which is likely to be of any interest to you.

Also, if you are a UKCPS member and have a blog which is not included in the blogroll then please let me know and I'll add it in to the members' blogroll. (Note this facility is available to UKCPS members only).

This week I've added in Rachel Stirling's new blog called Fine Art In Focus.

Note: The two thumbnails in this post are from:

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