Monday, 17 November 2008

News from Art Materials Live #1

Art Materials Live at the NEC is over for another year.

This week I'm hoping to be able to post some photos and news from the last four days of life on the UKCPS stand at Art Materials Live 2008. However, I rather suspect that a number of the people who've made a major contribution this year might need a short break right now!

Gayle Mason demonstrating
on the UKCPS stand

at Art Materials Live 2008
copyright Bryan Mason

Fortunately, I've already heard from Gayle Mason who was demonstrating on two days - Thursday and Saturday.

Gayle has written about her experience and views about the event on her blog Demonstrating for the UKCPS at Art Materials Live.

I know Gayle met lots of people while demonstrating and enjoyed herself enormously - apart from one incident. Here's a short extract from her post........
Thursday was a major disaster for me as my husband managed to spill a full cup of coffee over the commission I was working on. Not only did the pristine white background suffer, so did my legs, feet and bag. I'd spent around 10 hours on the work up to the coffee incident so I was ever so slightly upset. However my husband was so sorry that he bought me the entire set of Luminance pencils so I recovered a little after that.
Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint) - Demonstrating for the UKCPS at Art Materials Live
Do please let me know if you have
  • any photos of the event which are suitable for posting on the blog or
  • any comments about participating and/or visiting.

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