Thursday, 13 November 2008

A new look for the UKCPS Blog

Welcome to a new look for the UKCPS Blog.

The existing template was causing problems when posting images or tables providing information. It also proved to be very inflexible in terms of making any adjustments to the width of the blog to better accommodate images. The actual design (rounded corners) meant any minor adjustments in width were totally impossible.

More than 80% of UKCPS blog readers should find the "new look" blog suits them much better. These are the ones who already have screens which are 1024 pixels wide (or more!) so that the blog now fills more of their screens and has much less wasted space either side.

It's also allowed me to increase the size of the font of the text which should make it much easier to read.

Those with very old monitor screens which are only 800 pixels wide will still be able to read the blog in its entirety but may need to scroll to read all the side column.

For those who are interested, the template is called 'stretch denim' and I've changed the colours so that it echoes the blue, green and red of the UKCPS logo.

Do let me know what you think of the new look.


Felicity said...

I think it looks great - really modern and fresh!

Anonymous said...

The new look is great Katherine,fresh colours and easy to navigate around.

UKCPS Blogmaster said...

Thanks for the positive comments! :)

UKCPS Blogmaster said...

I've tweaked it again. I'm afraid that I was finding all that blue quite difficult to look at. Hopefully the revised version provides a better compromise.


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