Sunday, 9 November 2008

Who's going to be at Art Materials Live?

These are the UKCPS members (and a spouse or two) who are going to be at Art Materials Live Event at the National Exhibition Centre next week (see UKCPS at 'Art Materials Live' next week for more details). They'll be:
  • staffing the UKCPS stand,
  • helping out with the workshop and
  • demonstrating the use of coloured pencils on the UKCPS stand.
Gayle Mason and feline friends demonstrating on the UKCPS stand
at Art Materials Live 2007
copyright UKCPS blogmaster

A very special thanks to Suzy Herbert UKCPS, Rachel Stirling and Peter Woof UKCPS who are planning to be there on all four days. Both Suzy and Peter won prizes at the recent UKCPS Annual Exhibition in Bristol (see UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2008 - Award Winners)

Thanks also to all those who will be helping out in whatever capacity - with a special mention for all those who are planning to be there on more than one day.

Thursday 13th
Friday 14th
Saturday 15th
Sunday 16th
Suzy Herbert Suzy Herbert Suzy Herbert Suzy Herbert
Rachel Stirling Rachel Stirling Rachel Stirling Rachel Stirling
Peter Woof Peter Woof Peter Woof Peter Woof
Diana Connor
Diana Connor Diana Connor
Peter Weatherill Peter Weatherill

Eleni McLoughlin Eleni McLoughlin

Pauline Longley
Pauline Longley
Gayle Mason
Gayle Mason
Bryan Mason
Bryan Mason

Will Johnson Will Johnson

Nick Baldwin Nick Baldwin
Audrey Weatherill Katrina Green Ann Holden Dave Richards

Mike McLoughlin Alan Wiltshire Dave Edwards

Margaret Edwards

Elizabeth Frearson

This is a great event for anybody who wants to get to know more about coloured pencils and/or about the UKCPS.

Plus even if you do know quite a bit about coloured pencils it's still really good to see how other people approach their coloured pencil artwork! For example, Gayle Mason had lots of questions to field last year when demonstrating how to use pastelbord to produce coloured pencil work which doesn't require any mount or glass when framing.

Here's a note about some of the interests and different ways of working of the people who will be there.
  • Gayle Mason has developed her work on pastelbord, colourfix and film
  • Pauline Longley works on drafting film
  • Peter Weatherill likes to work CP over watercolour washes
  • Diana Connor is a botanical artist
  • Peter Woof enjoys working with still life subjects
  • Margaret Edwards (also a prizewinner this year) enjoys portraying cats as does Gayle Mason
  • Dave Richards prefers to draw landscapes.
  • Alan Wiltshire's produces abstract geometric shapes which follow mathematical models
So, as you can see, there's lots of different subjects and varied ways of working.

Hint - Please can everybody remembers to take lots of photos for the blog! :)

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