Saturday, 26 September 2009

UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2009 - now online

You can now see the online exhibition on the UKCPS website.

Each year it's a major task to get all the competition entries posted in the correct position on the UKCPS website! Liz Ridley, the UKCPS webmaster has now published the new website page and

Here also are some pictures taken of the exhibition last Sunday - showing many of the entries hanging on the walls of the gallery.

Exhibition Secretary, Pat Heffer commented" John Hurford had come up from Devon for the exhibition. It was his first cp picture! He is not a member, but let's hope he will become one in the future!"
Derwent are the sponsors of this year's exhibition.

Note to participating artists: Please note that the correct date for the Collection of any unsold work is Saturday 3rd October between 4 and 5pm

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