Wednesday, 23 September 2009

UKCPS - new signature members

A view of part of the UKCPS 8th Annual Exhibition

On the UKCPS website, the initials UKCPS after a member's name indicates that an artist has achieved signature status as a member of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society. This means that they have had their artwork exhibited in three exhibitions within a five year period. (Note - the colour is normally only used on the UKCPS website to denote the status of different members exhibiting)

However once you've achieved signature status there are other levels to aspire to!
  • UKCPS indicate Silver Signature status - pictures accepted in 5 exhibitions in 10 years
  • UKCPS indicates Gold Signature status - pictures accepted in 10 exhibitions in 15 years.
As UKCPS is now on its eighth exhibition, it now has some silver signature status members - (however obviously nobody has yet achieved Gold signature status)!

This year there are 7 new signature members and 3 members who have achieved silver signature status.

New Signature Members

Part of the exhibition - featuring
by Alexandra Bastien UKCPS

UKCPS members who gained signature status with this year's exhibition are as follows:
Links in members names are to (1) their member's gallery on the UKCPS website and (2) to their personal website where you can see more of their coloured pencil artwork.

Hanging the exhibition
(left) Scarlet Macaws by Jonathan Newey UKCPS
(right) John Heffer and David Richards UKPCS hang artwork

Silver Signature status

UKCPS members who managed to achieve silver signature status when their entries were selected for this year's exhibition are:
You can also see artwork by all the members listed above on the 2009 Annual Exhibition page of the UKCPS website - as from 26th September.

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