Tuesday, 22 September 2009

UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2009 - Highly Commended

Today, UKCPS News features those artists whose work was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate in UKCPS's 8th Annual Open International Exhibition 2008. They are listed in alphabetical order below.

Each artist will receive a pack of Stonehenge paper (sponsored by Legion Paper) and Fisher 400 paper (sponsored by Tim Fisher)

Links are to UKCPS members' galleries on the UKCPS website (where applicable).
Please remember that the copyright to each image belongs to the artist and they should not be downloaded without written permission.

(left) Juvenile by Karen Coulson UKCPS (26 x 20cm coloured pencils)
(right) Reflected 1 by Malcolm Cudmore (60 x 90cm coloured pencils)

(left) Nature's Own Athletes by Margaret Edwards UKCPS (37 x 50cm coloured pencils)
(right) Sun Trapped Under Water by Irina Garmashova (54 x 38cm coloured pencils)

(right) Under a Pear Tree by Suzy Herbert UKCPS (46 x 28cm coloured pencils)
(left) Master of Thurstaston by Ann Holden (26 x 31cm coloured pencils)

(right) Red-ruffed Lemur by Bev Lewis UKCPS (40 x 30cm coloured pencils)
(right) Best Friends by Roger Lewis UKCPS PSGFA (40 x 55cm coloured pencils)

(left) Not all is Black and White by Pauline Longley (37 x 26cm coloured pencils)
(left) My Neighbour Pepe by Ursula Williams (40.5 x 29.5cm coloured pencils)


UKCPS members demonstrating coloured pencils at the exhibition include:
  • (today) 22nd September - Peter Weatherill UKCPS
  • 25th and 26th September - Rachel Stirling
  • 2nd October - Rachel Stirling and Pauline Longley
More about UKCPS members and the exhibition

Tomorrow, the blog will be featuring those UKCPS members who, having work included in this year's exhibition, have achieved signature status with UKCPS or a change in their signature status.


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