Monday, 8 October 2012


I thought readers might like to read a comment sent by Graham Brace, one of the three independant judges who chose the entries for this year's exhibition :

"What a treat in Nuneaton on Saturday night! Three gallery rooms filled with a stunning array of work...not to mention a sumptuous buffet!

First of all I would like to congratulate all concerned in bringing this exhibition to fruition and to the gallery staff in hanging it so superbly.

As one of the three initial judges, seeing all the entries originally online, on-screen was impressive enough...but there is no substitute for seeing them 'in the flesh', mounted and framed. It added another dimension and I was 'blown away' by the overall high standard of draughtsmanship, composition and sheer technical skill demonstrated in the use of the medium. This exhibition is a superb demonstration of how far CP art has come and no-one in their right mind (in the art 'establishment') on seeing this could possibly dismiss the CP medium as inconsequential, infantile, inferior or unacceptable. This show is a triumph!"

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