Tuesday, 9 October 2012

AGM Rogues Gallery

The Chair in full flow!
The UKCPS is such a scattered group of enthusiasts that few are able to attend the AGM unless it is actually held within their region of the UK.

Consequently, many members would not recognise an Exec Committee member even if they fell over one!

Here then, are those Exec members who faced the members present at the AGM in Nuneaton on 6th October last:

(L to Rt) Pauline Longley [Local Groups], Malcolm Cudmore [Editor- Talking Point], Will Johnson [Secretary & Membership], Barbara Murray [Chair], Liz Ridley [Treasurer & Website], Pat Heffer [President].  (I'm missing 'cos I'm behind the camera!).

Missing Exec members are: Bev Lewis [Newsletter & publicity design], Sarah Longrigg [Yahoo Groups Forum].

Be advised that, in the course of the next year, some of the Exec members are liable to undertake different functions from those listed.  (follow this Blog or read about it in Talking Point or the Newsletter!)

Members present - too many to name!
And here are those members who managed to attend!

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